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Sep. 27, 2011
The CAFA September Pool and Depth Competition winners.
Feb. 21, 2011
Baby Boy Benjamin Pascall, born Friday July 8th at 5:45am. 8lbs 8oz. Congratulations Brent!
Feb. 14, 2011
Andrew in a Vancouver Aquarium tank impressing some kids during the recent Diver's Weekend.
Feb. 07, 2011
Jill in a tank playing with Greg at the Vancouver Aquarium, during Diver's Weekend.
Oct. 24, 2010
Greg Fee about to head out for his dive at the AIDA World Team Freediving Championships in Okinawa, Japan.
Aug. 23, 2010
Kevin Sorensen gets a white card from the judges after his 51 metre dive at the AIDA World Freediving Championships in Okinawa, Japan
Jul. 19, 2010
Canada's Team at the 2010 World Freediving Championships in Okinawa, Japan
Jan. 25, 2010
Vancouver Apneist / CAFA booth at the 2010 BC Diver's Weekend at the Vancouver Aquarium
Dec. 07, 2009
Jana on her way down to the 54m mark at Worlds in Dean's Blue Hole, Bahamas
Sep. 08, 2009
Jana Strain ascends from a national record depth of 53m in a Constant Ballast without Fins dive at the Triple Depth Competition in Dahab, Egypt
Aug. 24, 2009
Jana Strain on her way to a new Canadian and Pan-American record in Dynamic Apnea with Fins (181 metres) at the AIDA World Indoor Freediving Championships in Aarhus, Denmark
May. 11, 2009
Annette Spreeuw practicing Free Immersion in Buntzen Lake
May. 04, 2009
Kevin Busscher, overall winner of the Vancouver Apneist Spring Fling competition
Apr. 27, 2009
Jana Strain, new holder of the national and continental record of Dynamic Apnea without Fins at 116m.
Apr. 20, 2009
William Winram celebrates his 90m Free Immersion record at the Vertical Blue competition at Dean's Blue Hole, Bahamas
Apr. 13, 2009
Manfred Lippe shows his finds at the 3rd annual Vancouver Apneist Underwater Easter Egg Hunt
Apr. 06, 2009
Jana Strain at the Vertical Blue competition at Dean's Blue Hole, Bahamas
Mar. 02, 2009
Greg Fee and Andrew Hogan prepare to dive from the Sea Dragon at Bowyer Island
Jan. 12, 2009
Tom Lightfoot suits up for a winter dive at Porteau Cove
Oct. 20, 2008
Jana Strain about to make a 171 metre record in Dynamic Apnea with Fins at the Pepperdine University pool in Malibu, California
Sep. 08, 2008
Team Canada at the 2008 AIDA World Freediving Championships by Team in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt
Jul. 28, 2008
Andisheh in the kelp forest at the Ogden Point breakwater in Victoria
Jul. 21, 2008
Aaron Wood and son Kade out freediving on the Tugs at Tobermory
Jul. 14, 2008
Caleb on the
Jun. 16, 2008
Kelly Fry and Brent Pascall ascending from the Granthall at Porteau Cove
Jun. 02, 2008
Jill Yoneda on her way to a new 150m national record in Dynamic Apnea
May. 19, 2008
Freedivers from Montreal ice diving at Morrison's Quarry, March 22, 2008
May. 05, 2008
Jill Yoneda preparing for a new personal best in Static Apnea at the PFI Liquification event in Grand Cayman
Apr. 28, 2008
Greg Fee at the PFI Liquification event in Grand Cayman
Apr. 14, 2008
Matt Charlton on a training day off Grand Cayman
Mar. 31, 2008
Participants at the Vancouver Apneist's Underwater Easter Egg Hunt at Belcarra Park
Mar. 24, 2008
Tom Lightfoot starting a dive with the Aqueon

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