Minutes of 2008 CAFA Annual General Meeting

September 17, 2008

Call to Order

The meeting was convened via a Webinar on citrixonline.

Matt Charlton called the meeting to order at 6:35 PM PDT.


Attendees were Matt Charlton, Tom Lightfoot, Brent Pascall, Mandy-Rae Cruickshank, Kirk Krack, Greg Fee, Manfred Lippe, Patty Lippe, Eric Fattah and Glen Garrett.

Last Year's Minutes

Tom Lightfoot read the minutes from last year's AGM. Mandy-Rae Cruickshank moved for approval of the minutes, seconded by Manfred Lippe. All in favour. Motion carried.

President's Report

Matt Charlton presented the President's report. Tom Lightfoot moved for approval of the President's report, seconded by Manfred Lippe. All in favour. Motion carried.

Treasurer's Report

Brent Pascall presented the Treasurer's report. Manfred Lippe moved that the Treasurer's report be resubmitted to the next board at the first meeting, seconded by Kirk Krack. All in favour. Motion carried.

Webmaster's Report

Tom Lightfoot presented the Webmaster's report. Manfred Lippe moved that the Webmaster's report be approved, seconded by Matt Charlton. All in favour. Motion carried.

Judges Committee Report

Kirk Krack presented the Judges Committee report. Brent Pascall moved that the Judges Committee report be approved, seconded by Manfred Lippe. All in favour. Motion carried.

Old Business

There was no Old Business.

New Business

Reducing conflict of interest

There was discussion about how to better regulate not only actual conflict but the perception of conflict of interest. The board should focus not so much on reacting to comments and criticisms about this issue but the board must move forward on incorporating these regulations into the by-laws so this issue can be settled.

For example, if CAFA is interested in subsidizing a judges course, then a bid process should be put in place to allow others who are interested and qualified to submit a bid or not.

Revisiting team selection process

Discussion was raised about team selection this year in Egypt. There is concern about the optics about how the team was selected, with three recruits coming from PFI, including one who works for OPS, a PFI sponsor. The team selection process was explained by Kirk who said that all team members participated by a blind vote, verified my a non-Canadian and that the vote was unanimous. It has been put forward Kirk that this issue needs to be resolved once and for all in time for the 2010 world championships and that all information relating to the initial team selection process as well as the final selection process be well established before the end of the 2009 competition season.

Getting insurance

Kirk Krack has on behalf of CAFA approached an insurance broker and secured the necessary paperwork whish is now in the board's possession. Brent Pascall has been tasked with filling out the multiple forms for the various insurance companies and submitting them post-haste.


Manfred put forward a motion that the new board addresses these three issues in order of priority.

  1. Insurance
  2. Conflict of interest
  3. Team selection process

Tom Lightfoot seconded the motion; all in favour, motion carried.


It is suggested that the board look at consolidating some of its savings into a 1 year term investment in order to secure that money. The new board will investigate this after creating a budget for the upcoming year.

Election of Officials

Nominations for the 2007/08 CAFA board were held via email in the weeks leading up to the AGM with a final opportunity during the AGM. Below is the final results of the nominations:

Matt CharltonGreg FeeAccepted
Greg FeeMandy-Rae CruickshankAccepted
Annette SpreeuwGreg FeeAccepted
Brent PascallGreg FeeAccepted
Manfred LippeGreg FeeAccepted
Tom LightfootGreg FeeDeclined
Eric FattahManfred LippeDeclined *
Francois LeducTom LightfootDeclined *
Tyler ZetterstromBrent PascallDeclined

* It is noted in the minutes that Francois Leduc communicated privately with Tom Lightfoot and declined his nomination. It is also noted that Eric Fattah contacted Brent Pascall privately and declined his nomination.

Kirk Krack put forward a motion to close the nominations, Manfred Lippe Seconded the motion. All in favour, motion carried.

The board is carried by acclimation. No vote required.

The new board will therefore consist of Brent Pascall, Manfred Lippe, Greg Fee, Annette Spreeuw and Matt Charlton


Tom Lightfoot moved for adjournment, seconded by Kirk Krack. The meeting was adjourned at 8:57 pm. PDT.

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Updated 19 September 2008
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