Sport Canada: Application Requirements Summary

Submitted to the CAFA Board by Helen Lightfoot,
February 9th 2005


The Canadian Association of Freediving and Apnea is committed to fulfilling the requirements for eligibility to apply to Sport Canada.

Sport Canada is the federal government body which is "dedicated to valuing and strengthening the Canada experience" The agency provides various assistance programs to eligible national sport organizations. Detailed criteria for eligibility are outlined in Sport Funding and Accountability Framework. The framework operates on a five year cycle, therefore the next application deadline to complete process for commencement of the 2010-2015 cycle will be in June 2009.

Summary of Criteria

There are three sections to the Eligibility Criteria:
A: General criteria
B: National scope
C: International scope
Applicants must meet all the criteria in Section A, plus all the criteria in either Section B or Section C.


The following text outlines the requirements for Sections A and B. The places where CAFA is lacking in meeting the requirements are indicated by bold text.

Section A: General Criteria

Section B: National Scope Criteria

National Sport Organizations that are national in scope, according to the criteria outlined below, have a significant number of active members and affiliated constituents across Canada. NSOs are actively engaged with their Provincial/Territorial constituents in aligning and harmonizing their strategic plans, programs and activities based on their Long Term Participant/Athlete Development Model to provide a technically and ethically sound and safe sport experience for more Canadians.

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Updated 13 March 2005
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