Team Canada Guidelines

Thanks to the great performances and positive attitudes of past and present members, Team Canada has become known in the international Freediving community as both a strong and a good-spirited competitor. The purpose of these guidelines is to help ensure that we maintain that positive reputation by outlining how everyone involved may best carry on this tradition.

Please carefully read and consider these guidelines before applying for a position on Team Canada. Any questions or concerns should be directed to [email protected] and, following discussion, should any of the terms be deemed unacceptable, we suggest you reconsider your application.

Athlete Conduct

All members of Team Canada are expected to represent Canada, CAFA and AIDA in a professional and positive manner. This includes but is not limited to:

Announced Performances

All announced performances (AP) are vetted by current Team members.

When it is time to announce official performances the whole team will gather for a meeting. Each competitor will propose what he/she would like to announce and attempt during the competition. At this time each team member will outline what he/she has accomplished in recent training and why he/she feels the suggested time or depth is appropriate. A general guideline is to announce a performance that has been attained "clean" three times within the past three months.

The team Coach will then offer his/her perspective before opening the discussion to the rest of the group. In this way each athlete will have the opportunity to weigh the opinions of his/her peers and decide which AP honours both their own feelings and those of the team. Once everyone has had the opportunity to voice any comments or concerns it will be left up to the competitor to decide on his/her final announcements.


In the interest of cooperation, camaraderie and the image of a strong cohesive competitor, Team Canada should appear as just that, a team.

In keeping with this, each member is required to wear the current year's official team apparel (t-shirt, polo shirt, sponsored wet suits, etc.) at competitive and promotional events including opening and closing ceremonies, photo and media events. In the event that the team does not receive sponsored wet suits then each team member will decide what type of suit he/she will wear and will bear the costs accordingly.

Depending on sponsorship funds available some of these items may need to be purchased by individual team members.


Attendance is mandatory for all team members at each of the following events:


Alternates are required to attend all competition and training days in which Team Canada is participating. In the event that one of the members is unable to perform, the Alternate will step in. Otherwise the Alternate will assist the team coach in aiding team members through their performances.

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Updated 30 October 2006
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