National Freediving Championships

Final results are now posted for the National Freediving Championships, May 30 to June 1 in Vancouver. This was a very successful event with 12 competitors and one new national record. Congratulations to Jill Yoneda on her new record of 150 metres in Dynamic Apnea with Fins! This smashes her previous record of 137 metres set in February.

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Vancouver Apneist Spring Fling!

Final results are now posted for the Vancouver Apneist Spring Fling competition. Congratulations to all competitors who took part, especially to the rookies, who in most cases out-performed the veterans and showed us all how it’s done. Special congratulations to Kevin Busscher, the overall winner who made a personal best competiton result in Dynamic Apnea without fins at 129 metres.

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Join CAFA for Free

CAFA has added a new class of membership! Recreational members can now join for free and participate in the freedivecanada egroup. You still need a $25 full membership in order to register for competitons or vote at the AGM. Either way, there nas never been a better time to join.

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Vancouver Fall Mini-Competition!

Results are now posted for the Vancouver Fall Mini-Competition. This three-event, one-day, pool-only event was held at UBC on November 25th. Congratulations to all athletes and a big thanks to all those who made it all happen.

CAFA Double-Dip 2 Day Pool Competition!

Hot on the heels of our successful Winter Pool competition, CAFA is proud to announce the results of our June Double-Dip 2 Day Pool Competition.

CAFA February Pool Competition!

Results are now posted for the CAFA February Pool Competition. This one-day pool-only event was held at UBC.

CAFA September Pool and Depth Competition!

Results are now posted for the CAFA Sept Pool and Depth Competition. This was a two-day ocean-only event and was likely the last chance for depth in a compeition this summer. This sucessful event was held September 17th and 18th out of Horshoe Bay in Vancouver. Congratulations to all the winners and a special thankyou to our volunteers!

CAFA/Vancouver June Western Regionals!

Results are now posted for the CAFA/Vancouver Apneist Western Regional Competition held June 12 in Vancouver. This event featured static apnea and dynamic apnea with or without fins. Congrats to all those who participated.

CAFA/Vancouver Apneist Winter Mini-Competition

Results are now posted for the CAFA/Vancouver Apneist Winter Mini-Competition, November 13th at the UBC Aquatic Centre. This was a one-day pool-only event with Static Apnea and Dynamic Apnea. Congratulations to all participants and a huge thankyou to the volunteers that made it happen.

Canadian Team at 2010 Worlds in Okinawa

Despite some really awkward timing, CAFA has selected a team of two divers who will represent Canada at the AIDA World Team Freediving Championships June 30 to July 10 in Okinawa, Japan. Our team consists of the following two athletes who were also on Team Canada in 2008:

Do us proud, guys!

June Western Regionals!

Results are now posted for CAFA’s Western Regional Competition, June 5 to 6, 2010 in Vancouver. Congratulations to all of the athletes and huge thanks to the army of volunteers who made it all happen.

Two National Records and Medals at Vertical Blue!

Vancouver-area freediver Eric Fattah hit the milestone depth of 100m on the last day of the Vertical Blue competition, April 17 to 27 at Dean’s Blue Hole in the Bahamas. This depth (in constant ballast) completely obliterates all previous Canadian depth records. Congratulations, Eric!

Canadian freediver William Winram was also competing at Vertical Blue and achieved a national record in Free Immersion with a dive to 96m. Congratulations, Will!

Cold Turkey Competition Results

CAFA’s first competition of 2010 is now over and the results are posted here. Congratulations to all who competed and big thanks to all of the volunteers who made it happen.

Two National Records and Medals at Worlds!

It was quite a day at Dean’s Blue Hole in the Bahamas on December 3rd. It was the day of the finals in Constant Weight without Fins for both men and women and just about every performance was a national record.

In the women’s event, Canada’s Jana Strain earned a bronze medal with a 54m dive that beat her 53m record that she set in September. Niki Roderick of New Zealand won Silver with a 55m dive and Natalia Molchanova of Russia earned gold with a world record dive to 62m.

In the men’s event, Will Winram earned silver with an 86m national record dive. William Trubridge of New Zealand hit 90m, giving him gold and a new world record.

For more info and results, see Jana’s press release is posted here.

Congratulations Jana and Will!

Jana Strain Makes Pan-American and National Record at Triple Depth

Congratulations once again to Jana Strain for breaking the National and Pan-American record in Constant Ballast without Fins. Jana’s latest record was a 53 metre dive at the Triple Depth Competition in Dahab, Egypt on September 7th. This is the third time the record has changed hands this year.

Jana’s press release can be found here.

Jana Strain Makes Pan-American and National Record at Worlds

Congratulations to Jana Strain who bested her own Pan-American and Canadian record in Dynamic Apnea with Fins at the AIDA World Indoor Freediving Championships weekend in Aarhus, Denmark. Jana made a 181 metre underwater swim on one breath in the preliminaries and was the top qualifier going into the finals.

Jana’s press release can be found here.

Two National Records in Cayman!

Congratulations to Mandy-Rae Cruickshank and Julie Bisaillon for breaking a national record each at the ongoing PFI Cayman Competition. Mandy-Rae reached 52m in Constant Ballast without Fins, breaking Jana Strain’s recent record while Julie held her breath for 6 minutes and 53 seconds in Static Apnea, smashing Mandy-Rae’s long-standing record from 2004.

Full results from this competition can be found here and on the PFI site.

Two More National Records!

Congratulations again to William Winram and Jana Strain for breaking two more national records in Dynamic Apnea without Fins. William set broke his own record, swimming a distance of 154 metres and Jana set a new national and continental record at 116m. Both records were set at the National Indoor Championships in Montreal. Full results are posted here and here.

Two National Records!

Huge congratulations go to Jana Strain and William Winram for setting two national records at the Vertical Blue competiton in Dean’s Blue Hole, Bahamas. On April 4th Jana set a new national and continental record in Constant Ballast without Fins, achieving a depth of 51m.

For more information, see Jana’s press release and William’s press release.

On April 11th, the last day of the competition, William set a new national and continental record in Free Immersion with a depth of 90m.

AIDA National Status

After eight years as Canada’s main representative to AIDA International, the AIDA board voted to give that status to a new organization called AIDA Canada for 2009. CAFA will therefore not be selecting Team Canada for this year’s World Championships. However, we will still be very active this year.

  • Sanctioning competitions for the AIDA ranking list
  • Promoting competitive and recreational freediving
  • Helping new freediving clubs to get started
  • Helping existing clubs to promote themselves
  • Re-applying for AIDA National status for 2010 and beyond

CAFA’s proposal to retain its status as AIDA National can be found here.