How to Become a Member of CAFA

Becoming a member is simple yet rewarding. All you need to do is fill out our Membership Form and (if necessary) pay your membeship fee. Payments can be made either by cheque or via our Paypal account.

There are three types of membership available:

Recreational Membership – FREE Can participate in Freedivecanada email group Full Membership – $25 Needed to participate in competitons, vote at AGM or hold a board position. Associate Membership – $50 For companies and associations. Your logo goes on the CAFA web site.

Once we receive your application we will invite you to join our freedivecanada e-groups list. This list will put you in touch with freedivers from all over Canada. Through the list you will be kept up to date on upcoming competitions, fun excursions, and be able to chat with other freedivers about techniques and more.

Your membership dues will go to help CAFA keep this web site up as well as help CAFA promote freediving throughout Canada. Thank you for your support