2002 CAFA Annual General Meeting

July 9, 2002

Competition Report

There were three competitions for the 2001-2002 year: two regional and one national.

RegionalSeptember 20018 competitors
RegionalMarch 200210 competitors
NationalMay 200212 competitors

Over the year we have established a number of local contacts for support services. Most of these companies sponsor or donate time, equipment and personnel for our events. Most notably:

Research towards writing an official guide to host and conduct a CAFA sanctioned competition is underway. This document, when completed, will be issued to all CAFA associated clubs to help them in the organization of all levels of competition.

In the next year we are planning two regional competitions and one national competition. The regional competitions will be in September 2002 and March 2003. Next year's Nationals will be in May. The exact dates are yet to be determined, pending tides and support availability.

There is the possibility that the National competition will be an open competition where competitors from outside of the country can compete for separate prizes. Research into the feasibility of this option is ongoing.

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Updated 10 July 2002
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