2002 CAFA Annual General Meeting

July 9, 2002

Environment Committee Report

The environmental committee was formed in the early spring of 2001, chaired by Marnie Laing. Since then the committee has not had a chance to meet. However, this has not stopped CAFA members from participating in environmentally related activity.

CAFA members participated in two environmental projects in the 2001/2002 year:

Lake Sasamat Underwater cleanup

This event was organized by the UCBC and involved 5 scuba divers and four freedivers:

Over 500 lbs of garbage, mostly cans and bottles were removed from the lake that day.

Roy Mulder told me that freedivers play a key role in these underwater cleanups. We find much of the garbage as well as lift much of the garbage that the scuba divers find, allowing them to keep a flatter profile.

Lingcod Egg Mass Survey

This event was organized by the Vancouver Aquarium. Four freedivers helped to participate in the survey:

Six survey dives were done in a freediving mode:

The environmental committee should re-convene to establish objectives and ensure a greater participation in environmental issues in the next year.

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Updated 10 July 2002
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