2002 CAFA Annual General Meeting

July 9, 2002

Webmaster's Report

The freedivecanada web site is virtually unrecognizable from when I took it over late last summer. It has gone through a number of major revisions in the past several months:

On November 26th the site was put under version control so that changes to the site could be properly tracked. Since that date the site has grown considerably:

HTML files60166
Perl scripts019
JPG images95256
GIF images4167

The freedivecanada website has become a major means of reference and communication for CAFA and a major means of advertising. The number on the visit counter recently passed 7500 and this number is accelerating rapidly.

Personally, I have found the experience of being the freedivecanada webmaster very rewarding. The CAFA members have been appreciative and cooperative when I bother them for photos and text. It has also been a good learning experience and may open up new career possibilities.

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Updated 10 July 2002
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