2003 CAFA Annual General Meeting

September 30, 2003

Campaign Statement and Resume for Erik Young

Hi, my name is Erik Young, and I am seeking election to the CAFA board. I believe that I am qualified by many factors, not the least being my passion for the sport. I started SCUBA diving 13 years ago and have been a PADI Instructor since 1998. My love for the water brought me to freediving- to such an extent that I now never breathe compressed gas except for the part-time Commercial Diving work I do. I have been freediving for approximately 4 years, have attended one of Kirk Krack's courses, and have competed in 2 Regional competitions and 1 National competition. I am very active on several internet freediving forums and believe strongly in promoting a sense of community for our small sport. A community will only remain active through encouragement, participation and education by members and leaders within that community- I strongly believe this to be true, and will work to support those beliefs. I recognize that competition is but one aspect of our community, and that recreational freedivers (including spearfishers) needs should be addressed also.

Here are some of my credentials and experiences that are relevant:

Erik Young

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