2003 CAFA Annual General Meeting

September 30, 2003

Campaign Statement and Resume for Kirk Krack

CAFA Members,

In March of 2000 I started on the long road of developing a professional sport organization in Canada for Canadian freediving athletes and recreational participants. By June 2000 it was formally recognized by as a non-profit organization and was called CAFA, the Canadian Association of Freediving and Apnea.

Since being the first and original founding member, and shortly thereafter with nineteen others, CAFA has steadily grown throughout Canada as witnessed by our competitions from Vancouver to Ottawa and our educational judges, safety and recreational clinics in Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary, Toronto and Ottawa.

Although I believe we've had a very successful three years and I've enjoyed and worked hard as CAFA President, I feel there are many more targets and goals to achieve in the coming years and most important of these is the upcoming 2004 World Championships to be hosted by CAFA and partners in beautiful Vancouver.

I hope to continue this work with I believe what has been one of CAFA's most talented executive board make-ups yet and look forward to the new member replacing Ken McCallum who unfortunately can't continue his duties this coming year.

Following is a short CV and why I look forward to your support:

My current full time work is in the area of recreational and competitive freediving and I look forward to continuing to serve your best interests.


Kirk Krack

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Updated 03 October 2003
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