February 13, 2006


Tom Lightfoot (Chair, minutes), Mandy Cruickshank, Matt Charlton (by phone). Helen Lightfoot and Kirk Krack were unable to attend.

Call to Order

This meeting was held via conference call from 101 – 9133 Capella Drive. The meeting was called to order at 7:03 p.m. PDT

Meeting Minutes

November 20, 2005 Minutes approved.

Action Items


  1. Send a follow-up email to all Canadian dive stores, indicating upcoming trade shows and events that CAFA will be attending.
  2. Follow up with Total Diving in Montreal about corporate membership. Not done
  3. Contact Martin Stepanek to get photos he took of the CAFA booth
  4. Follow up with Dive & Sea Sports, Pacific Pro Dive and Sidney Scuba & Surf about in-store presentations.
  5. Contact Donnie at Vancouver Aquarium about getting a spot that will fit the 8’x10′ pop-up display
  6. Tom to send brochures and display to Matt for Toronto Outdoor Show
    After Vancouver Show
  7. Website translation to French. Stalled
  8. 2007 World championships bid. Stalled
  9. Website
    Still need to update Nationals credits.
  10. Competition list
    Send updated list of competition dates to AIDA calendar


  1. Contact the insurance company to see if they will still deal with us, get a legal agreement drafted by a lawyer and then re-request a new quotation when all parties are ready to commit. Target date for beginning of new policy is February 1, 2006.Mandy reports that Kirk has serious doubts about the usefulness of the policy and is looking at other options.
  2. Design CAFA poster. Re-assigned to Mandy


  1. Draft a leter of thanks to Dr. Lopez for the donation. Not done yet
  2. Send an invoice to Langley Diving for corporate membership
  3. Prepare quarterly financial report
  4. Revise financial report from 2005 AGM


  1. (With Kirk) Follow up with Total Diving, Diving Dynamics, Edge Diving and Langley Diving Locker about presentations and courses.
    Intro to freediving done at Langley store on Jan 25
  2. Create a brochure for the general public, using text Matt has already written
  3. Coordinate 2006 competition schedule
  4. Apply for Power Bar sponsorship for Team Canada
    Done – Declined
  5. Design and send posters to select dive centres


  1. Follow other Team Canada sponsorship leads
  2. Design Team Canada uniform
  3. Contact Mont Tremblant Club



Mandy reports that Kirk is having serious doubts about the usefullness of the policy under consideration. He is starting to look at other options.

Upcoming Competitions

The next regional competition is scheduled for May 26-27 weekend in Vancouver.

Freedive Toronto Document

Doug Sitter has created a basic safety course outline, designed for teaching new members of the Freedive Toronto club and has submitted it to the board for endorsement. While CAFA cannot directly endorse education programs due to liability considerations, the course outline appeared to be in good order. Tom to send follow-up email to Doug.

Bamfield Eelgrass Survey

The Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre has asked for CAFA’s support in a large eelgrass survey planned for this summer. Tom will provide a letter of support for the project in order to help them obtain funding for the project.

Future Trade Shows

CAFA has committed to having a booth at the following upcoming events:

  • Vancouver Outdoor Show, February 17 to 19
  • Toronto Outdoor Show, February 24 to 26

Tom will arrange to have the trade show materials sent directly from the Vancouver show to the Toronto show.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 p.m. PST