Minutes of CAFA Executive Meeting

February 9th, 2005


Tom Lightfoot (Chair), Mandy-Rae Cruickshank, Peter Scott (Minutes) Matt Charlton (by phone), Kirk Krack
Regrets: Helen Lightfoot

Call to Order

This meeting was held at the CAFA Headquarters in Vancouver. Meeting was called to order at 7:07 p.m. PST

Meeting Minutes

Minutes from January 13th approved.

Action Items




Action: Tom will write a cover letter to CAFA members for the mailout.
Action: Kirk will write a cover letter for the Teams and individuals mailout.

Helen (Tom reporting)

Action: Helen will draft a plan prioritizing the steps for CAFA to take to comply with Sport Canada requirements for the next meeting


Action: Matt will draft CAFA brochure for review before Indoor Competition in February.


Action: Peter will request permission from Canadian Speedskating to use their COC.
Action: Peter will replace "heat stroke" with "hypo/hyperthermia"
Action: Peter will draft a version of the COC for Board review.

Agenda Items

1. AIDA vote Part II

New vote was held after discussion on the AIDA assembly about misinterpretation of the LMC vote by certain members who believed it would mean softer LMC criteria.

In all, 36 of 40 members voted and one vote was disqualified. Results were in favour of retaining current LMC definitions and judging protocols for competitions and records.

2. Sport Canada development plan

Deferred to next meeting.

3. Budget

Kirk laid out his general concept for this year's CAFA budget:

Ideas for special projects centered around membership and sport development include:

Board discussed a specific marketing plan designed to show scuba diving shop owners and managers the market they can access by catering to freedivers. Some rough ideas include:

Kirk asked the Board if CAFA attendance at DEMA would be strategic in the context of delivering a marketing strategy to Canadian scuba shops and to showing the industry that freediving is a serious niche market:

Action: Board will vote by Friday 11th whether to attend or not.
Action: Send Team Canada t-shirts to Matt for Advil Outdoor Show (Mandy)
Action: Design CAFA and Team Canada poster (Matt)
Action: Send Matt photos for poster (Mandy)
Action: Draft 2005 Budget (Kirk)

4. Safety Committee and Report Form

Deferred until next meeting

5. Other Business

Streaming Video

Kirk suggested that CAFA could use his purchased streaming video (12 months) for Worlds video and CAFA records in exchange for corporate membership for X years. CAFA skin would be $150 extra. Discussion ensued.

Advil Outdoor Show, Toronto

Mandy reminded Matt to reserve a table early for the show in Toronto.

Action Items


  1. Vote by email whether or not to attend DEMA, Las Vegas, October 2005 (due Feb 11)


  1. Draft 2005 budget for March meeting (due March 9)
  2. Insurance (ongoing)
  3. Write letter to AIDA teams at Worlds for mailout (due March 9)


  1. Draft list of steps in priority that are required for Sport Canada compliance
  2. CAFA revenue analysis and breakdown (ongoing)


  1. Add President's Report to 2003-2004 AGM Minutes on website
  2. Write letter to CAFA members for inclusion in magazine mailout (due March 9)
  3. Mailout Diver magazines to CAFA members (pending letter)
  4. Agenda for next meeting


  1. Find CAFA stickers
  2. Update display for Advil Outdoor Show
  3. Send Matt photos for poster
  4. Send Team Canada t-shirts to Matt, for exhibitors at Advil Outdoor Show, Toronto


  1. Revise CAFA brochure and translate into French
  2. Draft Safety Report for Safety Committee
  3. Design Team Canada poster
  4. Draft Safety Report form


  1. Submit minutes to CVS (overdue)
  2. Contact Speedskating sport body for permission to use their COC
  3. Revise and circulate to the Board the revised Canadian Speedskating Code of Conduct
  4. Revise Safety Report Terms of Reference: replace "heat stroke" with "hypo/hyperthermia"


Meeting was adjourned at 8:41 p.m. PST

The next meeting will be held on March 9th, 6:30 p.m. at:
101 - 9133 Capella Drive
Burnaby, B.C.
V3J 7K4

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Updated 17 March 2005
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