Minutes of CAFA Executive Meeting

January 13th, 2005


Tom Lightfoot (Chair), Mandy-Rae Cruickshank, Helen Lightfoot, Peter Scott (Minutes) Matt Charlton (by phone), Kirk Krack.

Call to Order

This meeting was held at the CAFA Headquarters in Vancouver. Meeting was called to order at 7:21 p.m. PST

Meeting Minutes

Minutes from December 8th approved with the following correction: the original meeting date was January 12th, not January 13th.
Peter will revise the November 19th Minutes and submit through CVS.

Action Items







Agenda Items

1. AIDA vote

Following AIDA vote, several changes are being made to the rules. The LMC rule has been replaced with a "technical protocol" for completing a performance. The AIDA Board has not yet come to a final decision on this technical procedure.

The Board discussed the possibility of CAFA retaining its own competition rules, thereby holding CAFA athletes to a "higher standard" until the change in the AIDA Rules can be evaluated. A decision to do so will be considered only after AIDA's final decision on the new technical protocol.

2. Selection of CAFA freedivers for Individual World Championships

AIDA has determined that the top two athletes per sex per discipline will qualify for Worlds. Constant weight prerequisites are 61m (men) and 43m (women). There are no prerequisites for static apnea, dynamic apnea with fins, or dynamic apnea without fins.

CAFA will calculate top finishers in each discipline by points, not metres. Athletes can use the 50% + 25% + 25% rule on their two most recent competitions to even out a bad performance at Nationals.

The organizer of Nationals (Matt Charlton) will also be required to offer both dynamic events for four events in total.

3. Competition Dates and Tradeshows


4. Sport Canada Policy Items

Peter will search for Code of Conduct template on CCES web site.

Action: Peter will send Board templates in the coming week.

5. Insurance Status

6. Safety Committee

Peter presented Terms of Reference for Safety Committee competition reports and general safety review. Board agrees that results of review should be accessible only to members and be collected from CAFA sanctioned events. Part C of the document, which deals with anecdotal data collected from outside of CAFA sanctioned events, will be put on hold so priority can be given to CAFA data collection and issues. Once Safety Report template is ready, the Committee will work on preparing for their first competition as a test run. Matt will create the report sheet.

Peter suggested that definitions of certain terms (e.g. barotrauma) are needed to collect data. If the safety reporting proves successful, CAFA will invite other AIDA Nationals to follow suit.

Action: Matt will draft a Safety Report (checklist) from the Terms of Reference.
Peter will update Terms of Reference for Safety Committee.

7. Club Outreach

Action: Matt will encourage the Tremblant club to form.

8. Worlds DVDS

Kirk recommended, and the Board agreed, that CAFA send complimentary copies of the Worlds DVD to the presiding AIDA Judges, AIDA Board members, the Speakers and Doctors.

Kirk asked that the Board consider streaming video on the CAFA site during the new season of competitions, promotions, recruiting and tradeshows and that it be featured on the front page of the website. This would cost CAFA CAD$1300 per three months of service. Matt will ask a friend if there are cheaper alternatives.

9. Other business

Action Items


  1. 2003-2004 President's Report for AGM Minutes (overdue)
  2. Send CAFA brochure to Matt (due Feb 9)
  3. Insurance (ongoing)
  4. Email Stephan Whelan about photo CD (due Feb 9)


  1. Outline of Sport Canada development procedure (due Feb 9)
  2. Revenue analysis (ongoing)
  3. Email Stephan Whelan about Tim Calver's photo CD (due Feb 9)
  4. Magazine mailout to membership (pending other issue availability)


  1. Post competition information on web (from organizers)
  2. Online registration for Feb indoor competition on website
  3. Agenda reminders for next meeting (due Feb 9)
  4. Magazine mailout to membership (pending other issue availability)


  1. Complete application for Director's Liability Insurance (due Feb 9)
  2. Encourage Toronto February indoor competition on list (due Feb 9)
  3. Revise CAFA booth display
  4. Supply digital photos of CAFA display to Matt
  5. Send roll of CAFA stickers to Matt


  1. Add dynamic apnea without fins to Nationals event
  2. Encourage Freedive Toronto to hold indoor competition after Advil Outdoor Show
  3. Revise CAFA brochure and translate into French
  4. Draft Safety Report for Safety Committee
  5. Outreach to Tremblant Club for official formation
  6. Check with friend re: video streaming costs
  7. Encourage Ottawa Freedivers Club to submit Charter and become official CAFA club; ask David Nesbitt about website
  8. Talk to David Cox about Advil Outdoor Show


  1. Revise Executive Meeting minutes from November 19th 2004 (overdue)
  2. Make corrections to December 8th Executive Meeting minutes
  3. Submit minutes to CVS (overdue)
  4. Check CCES web site for Code of Conduct and email templates to Board
  5. Revise Terms of Reference for Safety Committee (ongoing)


Meeting adjourned at 8:56 p.m. PST

The next meeting will be at 6:30 p.m. on February 9th 2005 at:
108 - 3083 West 4th Avenue
Vancouver, B.C.
V6K 1R5

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