Minutes of CAFA Executive Meeting

January 20, 2004


Kirk Krack (Chair), Mandy Cruickshank, Tom Lightfoot, Helen Lightfoot (Minutes), Perry Gladstone (partial attendance by telephone).

Call to Order

This meeting was held at the new CAFA headquarters in Vancouver. The meeting was called to order at 6:26 p.m.

Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the December 9th executive meeting were approved pending the addition of Kirk's email on CAFA democracy.

Action Items


  1. Revise the AIDA Rules & Regulations to CAFA language. Work on the rules is ongoing, waiting for AIDA to post new changes.
  2. Translation of CAFA website into French. Kirk has made Jane Mitchell an offer on the translation services for the CAFA website. Jane has generously agreed to do the job for $400, including translation of the Worlds 2004 website.
  3. Write CAFA clubs regarding pool only competitions for Winter 2004. Kirk will email a proposal to the clubs for a competition in February or April. It will be a pool competition with a shallow (limit of 30m) constant ballast event.
  4. Contact Sandy Aird to help with budget/accounting for 2004 World Championship. Kirk has done so. Sandy will be our primary financial advisor for this endeavour. George Bryan-Orr has offered to provide advice as needed.


  1. Post CAFA Safety Protocols for Competitions & Records, and Competition Manual. Tom has posted all available documents to the CAFA site. He is still gathering documents for this. Mandy will send Checklist document; Kirk will send Protocols document.
  2. Update pictures on 2004 AIDA World Championship website. Completed.
  3. Restructure CAFA Executive Contact List to reflect the new duties of the Board. Completed.


  1. Quarterly financials for 2004. Mandy provided the Board with copies of the Quarterly snapshot spreadsheet. It was discussed and some items added.
  2. Contact Lung Association for partnership letter with 2004 World Championship. The letter has been sent with a reply by email. Mandy has contacted them and is awaiting a response.
  3. Competition Checklist, Safety & Support jobs description document. This has been completed, and shortly will be posted to the website.


  1. Update Lung Association fundraising competition document and initiate program with local clubs targeting April as the coordinated month.
  2. Perry's assistant for Sponsorship for 2004 World Championship will be Jason Billows, in Ottawa.


  1. Update CAFA Board and website with December 2003 Executive Minutes. Completed.

Agenda Items

  1. Quarterly Financial Snapshot for 2004
    Mandy provided the figures to the Board. Figures were discussed and some items added. The snapshot is accurate from July to December 2003, with anticipated cash flow projections from January to June 2004.
  2. CAFA Democracy
    Recent AIDA Votation was forwarded to all CAFA athletes for feedback prior to the Board's final decision to AIDA. Outside of the Board only two people responded with feedback.
  3. New AIDA Rules and Regulations
    Discussion of some of the changes. There will be more to come as these new rules are fleshed out. Once the AIDA documents have been updated then CAFA will adopt them.
  4. Insurance
    CAFA insurance supplied through AllSport Insurance ends on August 1, 2004. They do not want to renew our policy. We are currently seeking another carrier and will try SportsCan. Last year our annual rate was $2100, but we expect it to be significantly more expensive to renew this year.

AIDA 2004 World Championships ACTION ITEMS


  1. Committee Chair
    Convene with Vice-Chair (Tom) and review working committee operations
  2. Budget
    Review of current budget with board and Sandy has been completed.
  3. Logistics
    Develop a timeline of required objectives. Ongoing.

Mandy / Helen

  1. Accommodations
    1. Confirm accommodation requirements
    2. Check budget and provide input
    3. Create workable document for webmaster
  2. Pool bookings
    1. Confirm and provide proposed scheduling
    2. Check budget and provide input
    3. Create/update workable document for webmaster
  3. Athlete Services
    1. Review current Air Canada proposal and provide input
    2. Review current rental car agency contracts and provide input
    3. Develop 'Opening Ceremony' plan and schedule of events


  1. Committee Vice-Chair
  2. Convene with Chair and review working committee operations
  3. 2004 WC IT Committee
    Provide a list of necessary jobs
    1. PreCompetition information
    2. PreCompetition athlete and team registration
    3. Competition athlete registration
    4. Announced performances (AP) & start lists
    5. Performances Realized (PR) & team ranking updates


  1. Media
    1. Propose a way of confirming, registering and working with the media
      Perry is talking with Stephan Whelan of Deeper Blue to come to agreement over their attendance and coverage of Worlds.
    2. Review budget requirements
    3. Create workable document for webmaster
  2. Sponsorship
    1. Create list of sponsors and partners and distribute "S/P Package"
      Perry has asked Mandy to find out the UBC campus sponsors' contacts. These are prime leads for sponsorship as they are already there.
    2. Create workable document for webmaster
    3. Review budget requirements


  1. Budgeting
    Review complete budget and provide input
  2. Accounting
    Provide updates and 'cautions'

AIDA 2004 World Championships Minutes


The meeting was adjourned at 9:55 p.m.

The next CAFA Board meeting will take place at 6 p.m. on February 27, 2004 at the new CAFA Headquarters at:

108 - 3083 West 4th Avenue
Vancouver, B.C.
V6K 1R5

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