July 23, 2003


Kirk Krack, Mandy Cruickshank, Tom Lightfoot, with Perry Gladstone joining the meeting via phone. Ken McCallum was not able to make it.

Call to Order

This meeting was held at CAFA headquarters in Vancouver. The meeting was called to order at 7:28 pm.

Meeting Minutes

June meeting minutes were approved unanimously and will be posted to the website.

Action Items


  • Competition rules – Kirk is still waiting for the AIDA competiton rules to come out.
  • Safety Protocols – Helen Lightfoot is proof reading the safety protocols and Tom will post these to the website.
  • Competition Manual – Kirk and Mandy have made some progress on the manual and will email the latest version to the other members of the board.
  • Website Translation – Kirk has talked with Jane about translating the website into French. She is willing to do the translation and would prefer a mirror of the existing English language website for her to edit directly.


  • French translation of website – Tom will set up a mirror of the CAFA website for Jane to work on. Requests for translation of button graphics will also be re-sent.
  • Freediver Survey – Additional questions still need to be added.
  • 2002 financial report – The pertinent information from the spreadsheet has been translated into HTML and posted to the website.


  • Financials – Mandy has been in touch briefly with Sandy about preparing a quarterly spreadsheet but this has not been done yet. Mandy will email the June statements to Sandy by Monday, July 28.
  • Lung Association Proposal – There has still been no progress on the proposal but Mandy is planning on including it in the 2004 season.


  • Team Canada Sponsorship Proposal – Perry will revise the current proposal and will need to include additional media impressions for 2003. (Kirk will provide these.) Mandy said that this proposal will be needed by September to make it into corporate budgets in time. Perry will provide a draft by July 31.
  • TV Deals – Perry reported that TSN is interested in covering the 2004 World Championships if Vancouver wins the bid.
  • World Championships Sponsorship Proposal – Perry will model this proposal on the recent TSN proposal. The proposal will be more image-based with less text. The 2003 media impressions needed (above) will also be included. While each proposal must be sponsor-specific, Perry will send a generic draft by the end of the month.

2004 World Championships

AIDA has listed Canada and Egypt as candidates for the 2004 World Championships. Interestingly, Canada was listed as a candidate country without any official letter of intent from CAFA. The board members agreed to keep working the possibility of hosting the 2004 Worlds as far as possible. All proposal deadlines will be met but if the event cannot be proven to be feasible by the August 31 voting deadline, the board will withdraw Canada’s bid.

The next deadline for a preliminary bid to the AIDA Assembly is July 31.

Competition Dates

The best date range for tides, volunteer availability on constant ballast days, and facility availability seems to be August 4 to 12, 2004. Mandy will confirm pool and accomodation availability so that these dates can be firmed up for the preliminary bid.

Preliminary Bid Format

Kirk will write the email bid to the AIDA Assembly. Tom will create a web site to provide details for the bid as a back up the email. Perry will provide Tom with some ‘ad copy’ to use on the bid website.

Final Bid Work

Perry will head up the task of obtaining media coverage and sponsorship for the 2004 Worlds.

Tom will provide updates to the bid website.

Kirk will continue to work out the diving details and the expense spreadsheet.

Cost Feasibility

Given that a World Championships in Vancouver is a very different situation than the usual setting in the Mediterranean, it is difficult to predict how many teams will actually show up. Kirk will therefore work out the expenses for three different attendance scenarios: 63, 93 and 132 competitors. All three attendance scenarios must be feasible in order for Canada’s bid to be considered feasible.

Safety and Support

After an incident at the 2003 Nationals which resulted in two successive blackouts and the cancellation of the rest of the constant ballast event, the board has suspended competitions until the safety and support of such competitions can be better managed. The board agreed upon the following list of criteria before competitions could resume:

  • Develop and run a course on competition safety and procedures which all volunteers must take before working in the competition
  • Develop a checklist that judges and other officials must perform between each competitor in a CAFA competition

Kirk reported that the Toronto club intends to hold a pool-only Eastern Regional competition in September so the safety program must be finalized by the end of August.

A mock competition will probably be held in Vancouver in October to test the new safety procedures.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:40 pm.