Minutes of CAFA Executive Meeting

July 6, 2005


Tom Lightfoot (Chair), Kirk Krack, Mandy Cruickshank, Helen Lightfoot (Minutes), Matt Charleton (by phone), Peter Scott

Call to Order

This meeting was held at 101 - 9133 Capella Drive in Burnaby. The meeting was called to order at 7:40 p.m. PST

Meeting Minutes

May 25, and June 15, 2005 Minutes approved.

Action Items


  1. Website translation
    David Rousseau has been contacted regarding site translation and implementation plan. Tom is waiting to hear back
  2. 2007 World championships
    Will email AIDA Board with indication of interest. We will put a bid together with a 'subject to' clause for obtaining insurance. Final bid is due Oct 31, 2005
  3. Insurance
    Application form was faxed to Tec in late June. Tec has emailed back, but the specifics need to be worked out. The cost is outlined in the previous minutes
  4. Website
    ERC credits, and pdf copies of CAFA's protest, medical and liability forms have been added. Credits for Nationals and a donations button will be added


  1. Doc Lopez' AIDA donation
    AIDA Board will disburse Euros1100 to CAFA
  2. Diver Magazine mailout
    Still wants to send a letter and magazines to AIDA Nationals who participated in Worlds 2004. A 'one year' anniversary letter will be written for the mailout
  3. CAFA poster
  4. CAFA database proposal
    Kirk has proposed to AIDA that they adopt the competition database that Tom has developed. Waiting to hear back. Tom indicated that there would have to be a major redevelopment to tailor the database for AIDA use


  1. Minutes
    Corrections were made to the May 25, 2005 Minutes for approval. Completed
  2. AIDA Rules document revision


  1. BCRPA Aquatic Workshop
    Will be held in Burnaby on October 27. Cost is $150 for one day. Mandy has emailed the contact people, and is waiting to hear back. We're still in the fact-finding stage to see who else will be at this event, and whether it would be a suitable venue for CAFA to have a booth
  2. DEMA Booth display
    Deferred to end of meeting


  1. Mont Tremblant Club
    David Rousseau is busy moving. Matt will make contact during August
  2. Translation of CAFA brochure into French
    This is complete. Matt will email it to the Board


  1. CAFA Code of Conduct document
    Sent to the Board and approved. Acknowledgement clause needs to be added to the Liability waiver.
  2. CAFA Event Incident Report form
    Sent to the Board for review.
  3. CAFA Event Safety Summary form
    Sent to the Board for review.
  4. Incident Key document
    Sent to the Board for review.
  5. CAFA wear
    Board approved $500 to be spent on merchandise (tshirts and ball caps).
  6. Volunteer recognition
    Peter has been researching ways to recognize volunteers. Key is to personalize the thanks.

All Board Members

  1. CAFA Banner
    Board agreed that the banner should have the CAFA logo, the full name of the association, and the website address. Slogans would become dated and inevitable banner replacement would become costly. Agreed to purchase outdoor quality vinyl banner with grommets, for longest wear.
  2. Webmaster honorarium


  1. Nationals 2005 Review
    • Matt said that this event ran very smoothly primarily due to Jason Billows' excellent performance as organizer
    • Many CAFA members came from Western Canada in order to volunteer: Tom Lightfoot, Manfred Lippe, Brent Pascall, Chris Kearney
    • Matt reported that the scuba diver safety team needed some team gathering work
    • David Nesbitt has the surface and bottom plate video footage
    • That the experience gained at Worlds 2004 proved very useful
    • Tom described the set up and use of the T, and suggested a way to reinforce it
    • Jason Billows is still working on the budget and will email it to the Board on completion
  2. Team Canada 2005
    • Deadline for receiving applications for Team Canada is July 11th
    • Mandy requested that a Team Canada donations button be added to the website
    • So far there are three women and four men who have shown interest in applying
    • Board discussed the ranking policy
  3. Treasurer's Report
    Helen reported that CAFA's year end financials will be ready as soon as the next bank statement is received.
  4. Annual General Meeting
    As the year end will be ready imminently, CAFA is able to call its AGM as soon as August. Kirk is bringing Dr. Peter Lindholm to Vancouver for a presentation on Friday August 5th and the Board agreed to hold the AGM in conjunction with that talk
  5. CAFA Website
    Tom reported that CAFA needs more space for the website. All agreed to purchase an extra 20MB per month, which will increase our monthly internet expenditure to approximately $43
  6. Fortress Entertainment TV Program
    This company is interested in making a half-hour tv program on Worlds 2004. Kirk will keep the Board informed.
  7. DEMA 2005
    • Board agreed to go ahead with the purchase of an 8ftx8ft fold out booth from Derrick Exhibit, Richmond
    • Physical needs: table, flooring, fabric, lights can be purchased locally relatively cheaply. Helen will contact DEMA regarding the cost of electricity. Kirk will lend CAFA a laptop.
    • Planning needs: decide on a message (sport) and a theme (freediving and scuba in harmony), need to explain what CAFA is, highlight record breakers, and recreational aspect of the sport.
    • Pre-show marketing: email approximately 200 dive centres across Canada, follow up with postcards/pamphlets, make pre-show call outs. Helen to look up available statistics on snorkellers. Obtain cross-promotional agreements with manufacturers.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:50 p.m. PST

The next CAFA meeting will be the AGM on Friday August 5th, time and location TBA.

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