June 13, 2004


Kirk Krack (Chair), Mandy Cruickshank, Tom Lightfoot, Perry Gladstone, Helen Lightfoot (Minutes).

Call to Order

This meeting was held at CAFA headquarters in Vancouver. The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m.

Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the February 27th executive meeting were approved.

Action Items


  1. AIDA Rules & Regulations
    Regulations for Team Competitions version 10 is complete and awaiting sanction of AIDA Assembly. Helen Lightfoot edited the English version, the French version remains the authority.
  2. Insurance
    CAFA has been turned down by two companies (AllSport, and SportCan). Calista Johnston, of Johnston Meier Insurance will approach Lloyd’s of London next. If we cannot get insurance for CAFA we will pursue event-specific insurance for Worlds 2004. Kirk expects to hear by June 16th.
  3. Deep Breath Challenge
    Held in Vancouver on April 15th at SFU. Twenty people competed and $320 was raised for the BC Lung Association. We are considering making it an annual event. Many thanks to Shannon Kozak and Ocean Pro for contributing prizes.


  1. CAFA Safety Protocols for Competitions & Records, and Competition Manual. These documents have been posted to the CAFA website (found under Competition > Manual). We have already received positive feedback from the USA, UK, and the Netherlands on the availability of these documents.
  2. Reported that the highest traffic on the site is for the ‘Pic of the Week’ feature, and the competition database.
  3. Demonstrated a new web interface for administrative functions on the site.
  4. Competition database
    • Athletes may now enter their own announced performances for competitions
    • Database now generates competition starting lists
    • Results can now be posted directly to the database
  5. Membership database
    • Members can now update their own personal information


  1. Financials for 2004. Completed. Not counting the Worlds’ funds, CAFA has approximately $4,000 in the bank. CAFA would like to repay Greg Hamilton with thanks those funds he graciously forwarded to the organization for Worlds.
  2. Application to become an amateur athletic association. Mandy sent the application to the government about three weeks ago for CAFA to become a registered amateur athletic association. Benefits for CAFA include GST refunds, and any donations to the organization become tax deductible.


  1. Update CAFA Board and website with February 2004 Executive Minutes. Completed.
  2. Grants and Funding. On investigation we will stand a better chance of receiving grants from funding organizations when we are a registered amateur athletic association, and when we can outline specific projects (e.g. environmental, educational) for which we will use the funds. Granting bodies do not provide funds for general operating expenses. The grant proposal process is a multi-step procedure which can take quite some time to complete.


  1. Western Regional Competition, held in Vancouver May 7-9th, 2004. There were fourteen competitors, including one USA and one Brazilian. Peter Scott set a new National record in dynamic apnea. Ocean component went well with the Sea Dragon as support boat. Everything ran smoothly.
  2. Team CanadaKirk: There are more athletes than places on Team Canada for both men’s and women’s teams. Decided that each team will comprise of five: three competitors; one alternate; one coach.Mandy: She, Jade, Gabrielle and Ananda have formed a fundraising group for Team Canada. Ideas so far include t-shirts, a calendar, and a pub night.

    Mandy: working on a consolidated t-shirt order for Team Canada and Worlds. Funds were approved

  3. CAFA Addendum to AIDA RulesAs the AIDA Rules change so often it was agreed that rather than rewriting the AIDA Rules for CAFA each year, CAFA will adopt the AIDA Rules as written and include an Addendum of CAFA Rules.Included in the CAFA Addendum is a rule regarding competition announced performances (AP). That during the three months prior to a competition the athlete must have cleanly performed within 3m of the AP for depth disciplines, within 6m of the AP for distance disciplines, and within 15 seconds of the AP for static disciplines. Effective immediately.
  4. Eastern Regional Competition, Ottawa, June 18-20thKirk: Nine athletes have registered. Kirk’s flight to Ottawa will cost approximately $900, and the ERC will cover about 50% of the cost. CAFA will pay the rest.Perry: The spearfishing clubs in Quebec have been invited to the competition. David Rousseau has been helpful with providing contacts.
  5. Diver Magazine. The magazine has kindly provided 100 free copies. All CAFA members will receive a copy along with a CAFA sticker in a mass mailout.
  6. National Freediving Championship, Vancouver, June 25-27thKirk: Offering a Judge in Learning Course in conjunction with Nationals.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 p.m.

The next CAFA Board meeting will take place at 6 p.m. July 5, 2004 at CAFA Headquarters at:

108 – 3083 West 4th Avenue
Vancouver, B.C.
V6K 1R5