November 27, 2003


Kirk Krack (Chair), Mandy Cruickshank, Tom Lightfoot, Helen Lightfoot (Minutes), Perry Gladstone via phone.

Call to Order

This meeting was held at CAFA headquarters in Vancouver. The meeting was called to order at 7:28 p.m.

Meeting Minutes

Kirk Krack welcomed the new CAFA Board. Minutes of the 2003 CAFA AGM were approved.

Action Items


1. CAFA Team/Individual Competition Regulations:
Proposed that we follow AIDA guidelines and note exceptions where CAFA practice differs. All agreed. Judges Committe will work on the document. Revisions to AIDA regulations usually take place in January. Completion date: February 2004. Perry will advise the CAFA community on completion.

2. CAFA Competition Manual:
Document is almost completed. Once complete it will be posted on the website. Mandy will resend documents to the Board and Tom will post it to the website

3. Translation of CAFA documents into French:
Ongoing. Working with Jane Mitchell on this.

4. Safety & Support Program:
Safety Support Clinic document has been sent to the Board. The document is an overview of the clinic with a description of each position. Kirk invited the Board to evaluate and review this document.


1. CAFA website translation:
Jane Mitchell will be hired to translate the website from English into French.

2. Targeted questionnaire “What it takes…” for CAFA members:
Work on this document has been suspended pending other priorities.

3. 2004 AIDA World Championship website:
Development is underway. A logo is needed as soon as possible. Need webspace and website address as soon as possible. Mandy will phone Uniserve and check costs; is available.


1. Date availability for pool and accomodations for 2004 AIDA World Championship bid, along with meal price options:
Accomodations for athletes and judges will be at UBC Gage Towers where we have booked 17 suites (each suite has 6 rooms) from August 3rd to 12th. Firm booking needs to take place by May 2004 (3 months prior to competition). Meals are not included, but meal tickets will be available. UBC Gage Towers has conference rooms which we can use for registration. UBC contact will respond at beginning of December regarding other venue availability. CAFA will need to pay deposits. In December/January UBC venues for the closing ceremonies will be toured and decided upon.

2. Quarterly financials for 2004:
Quarterly financial forecasts will be setup with Sandy for the months of January, April, and July 2004.

3. Lung Association fundraiser proposal:
Mandy is in contact with the Association. She will ask them for an endorsement via press release of the 2004 AIDAWorld Championships. Mandy will craft a document for the Board to review by December 5th and by month end will have it ready for the website and release to members.


1. Team Canada sponsorship proposal:
Updated document is finished. Revisions will be completed soon.

2. 2004 AIDA World Championship proposal:
Generic proposal document requesting sponsorship for use on website is finished. Need to update that we have won the bid. By month end will turn presentation material into a document, adding current partners, and providing enough flexibility for it to be used to request varying levels of sponsorship.

Formation of 2003/2004 CAFA Board

Executive Member Positions

President Kirk Krack
Vice-President Tom Lightfoot
Secretary Helen Lightfoot
Treasurer Mandy Cruickshank
Marketing Director Perry Gladstone

Ex officio Positions

Public & Media relations Perry Gladstone
Webmaster Tom Lightfoot
Membership services Mandy Cruickshank
Club & Facility development Perry Gladstone

Committee Chairpersons

Judges/Competition Committee Kirk Krack
IT Committee Tom Lightfoot

2004 AIDA World Championships

2004 AIDA World Championship Committee struck

Committee Chair Kirk Krack
Committee Vice-Chair Tom Lightfoot
Budget Kirk Krack and Sandy Aird
Logistics Kirk Krack
Accomodations Mandy Cruickshank & Helen Lightfoot
Pool bookings Mandy Cruickshank & Helen Lightfoot
Athlete services Mandy Cruickshank & Helen Lightfoot
Webmaster Tom Lightfoot
Sponsorship Perry Gladstone

Kirk will forward an organizational timeline document to the Board. Five countries have verbally committed so far: Canada; USA; UK; Japan and Germany(?). Need 60 more competitors to break even. Washington Group has turned down sponsorship of barge. Perry will follow up.

Mandy will follow up with bus company for sponsorship. Discussion of website and potential contents.

Perry to come up with plan for media relations for this event. He wants a budget.

Mandy reported on World’s brainstorming session held November 8th 2003 at Rowand’s Reef. Attendees were: Mandy Cruickshank; Tom Lightfoot; Helen Lightfoot; Peter Pazdera; Greg Hamilton; Luc Gosselin; Brent Pascall; and Greg Fee. An e-group has been formed to facilitate idea sharing.

Perry Gladstone informed the Board that he will be moving to Costa Rica for the period from December 2003 to March 2004. He will find someone in Canada to partner with to help with sponsorship activities.

CAFA Competition / Safety & Support

CAFA Safety Protocols for Competition & Records
Postponed until next meeting.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 p.m.

The next CAFA Board meeting will take place at 7 p.m. on December 9th, 2003 at CAFA Headquarters.