Minutes of CAFA Executive Meeting

October 22, 2007

Vancouver, BC

In attendance: Manfred Lippe, Greg Fee, Brent Pascall, Gabrielle Legendre (in Vancouver)
Matt Charlton, Mandy-Rae Cruickshank (via Skype)

Regrets: None

Meeting called to order at 6:48 pm (by Greg Fee)

Board Positions:

Past PresidentMandy-Rae Cruickshank
PresidentMatt Charlton
Vice-PresidentGreg Fee
TreasurerBrent Pascall
SecretaryGabrielle Legendre
Competition DirectorManfred Lippe

Note: Manfred Lippe may opt to change the title of his position to suit his goals.

Old Business

Website: Our website (www.freedivecanada.com) is currently with Uniserve. Tom suggested that we switch to Site5, which costs significantly less and offers more space and bandwidth. The current Board members unanimously agreed to do so.

It was also suggested that Tom should add a link to the Worlds 2004 webpage.

Mandy may have passwords for the Uniserve website domain, but it was determined that Tom must already have them in order to be able to update the website.

Note to all: Tom has added a link on the website for the exclusive use of Board members, where important documents can be uploaded for Board members to access.

Bank Account:

CAFA has a bank account with BMO at the Alma branch. Brent will look into switching the account to the West Vancouver BMO branch. Also, Brent will verify those who have signing authority. He will remove those that should no longer have signing authority. He will also make sure that Gabrielle gets added to the list of those with signing authority (she lives in North Vancouver and could easily meet Brent at the West Vancouver branch when needed).

Term Deposit:

CAFA currently has a large sum of money that could do better by being placed in a term deposit. Brent will look into this and get back to us.


The issue of non-residents was raised at the CAFA Annual General Meeting. Specifically, the question of how non-residents can have a say in CAFA's affairs was broached. No definitive conclusion was reached. It was suggested that changes could be made to incorporate non-residents if and when non-residents (such as Jade Leutenegger and Will Winram) approached the Board directly regarding the matter.

New Business







Additions To Agenda

2008 Team World Championships:

Nothing yet has been determined regarding when they will take place or which country will host them.

2008 Nationals:

Technically, it is Vancouver's turn to host them. If Eastern Canada wanted to host them, the by-laws may need to be double-checked (i.e., a vote from the membership may be needed). Matt will inquire as to whether there is interest from the East RE: hosting Nationals in 2008.

Industry Shows:
Involvement of Past Board Members:
Fundraising for National Team:

All Board members to brainstorm ideas regarding this.

Next Meeting:

Monday, November 19th at 7 pm PST.


Meeting adjourned at 7:56 pm.

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Updated 13 November 2007
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