Below is a list of CAFA recognized clubs:

Are you thinking of starting a freediving club in your area? Your club could be listed on this page, either with a link to your club’s web site and basic contact info, or a link to an information page on this site. We can even host your website on our account for free!

Here are the guidelines for becoming a CAFA recognized club:

  1. Bylaws that govern the club as a non-profit organization. The club doesn’t necessarily have to be incorporated. Feel free to use CAFA’s Club Bylaw Maker to get started.
  2. A yearly elected executive.
  3. Money is accountable to the membership.
  4. Agree to follow CAFA guidelines pertaining to safety of events or in-water club functions.
  5. Have at least three board members who are members of CAFA in good standing.
  6. Club members do not necessarily have to be members of CAFA if they do not intend on participating in competitions or the freedivecanada e-group.