What is Competition Apnea?

Competitor ascending to surface Stephanie Ortlepp descends with her monofin
Competitors at 2001 National Championships

Competitions provide a safe, fun and fair environment where freedivers have the chance to compete against others and challenge their personal limits. CAFA has a range of competition levels for freedivers of all abilities. Have a look at the CAFA Competition Program and Rules pages for more information.

Competitions involve testing a freediver’s ability in time, distance and depth. To that end, all regional and national competitions in Canada have athletes competing in static apnea, dynamic apnea and constant ballast. Other competitons may utilize a different mix of disciplines. Have a look at the Disciplines page to find a description of the recognized competitive styles of freediving.

Safety of the athletes, support and judging staff are of primary concern during competitions. Have a look at the Safety Protocols to see what measures are taken during competitions.