Constant Ballast Competition

Diver Retrieval Systems

Depth events are the most difficult to manage because a controlled pool environment is no longer possible. These events must often be run in open water where there may be no defined bottom, poor visibility and current.

There are a number of safety schemes that can be put in place, usually in combination with each other. Which scheme is used depends on the particular conditions at the site, the depth of the performances, and the availability of safety divers.

The diver retrieval systems outlined here are:

Diver Assisted
A blacked out competitor is recovered by a diver loosely clipping a lift bag to the descent line. Once inflated, the bag will catch on the competitor's lanyard, bringing him/her quickly to the surface
Line Assisted
A blacked out competitor is recovered by a diver securely attaching a lift bag to either the bottom weight or the middle of the descent line, bringing the competitor and line up to the surface.
Counter Balance Assisted
A counter balance is used to recover the descent line and bottom plate. The ascending plate will catch the distressed competitor by the lanyard, bringing him/her quickly to the surface.

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Updated 27 December 2003
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