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AIDA World Records

Constant Ballast (CWT)
Women 100 mNatalia Molchanova Russia2011-04-16Long Island, Bahamas
Men 124 mHerbert NitschAustria 2010-04-22Bahamas
Constant Ballast without Fins (CNF)
Women 62 mNatalia Molchanova Russia2009-12-03Blue Hole, Bahamas
Men 101 mWilliam TrubridgeNew Zealand 2010-12-16Bahamas
Variable Weight (VWT)
Women 126 mAnnelie Pompe Sweden2010-10-05Sharm el Sheikh
Men 142 mHerbert NitschAustria 2009-12-07Blue Hole, Bahamas
No Limits (NLT)
Women 160 mTanya StreeterUSA 2002-08-17Turks & Caicos Islands
Men 214 mHerbert NitschAustria 2007-06-14Spetses, Greece
Free Immersion (FIM)
Women 85 mNatalia MolchanovaRussia 2008-07-27Crete, Greece
Men 121 mWilliam TrubridgeNew Zealand 2010-04-10Long Island, Bahamas
Dynamic Apnea with fins (DYN)
Women 225 mNatalia Molchanova Russia2010-04-25Moscow, Russia
Men 265 mDave Mullins New Zealand2010-09-02Naenae & Porirua
Dynamic Apnea without fins (DNF)
Women 160 mNatalia Molchanova Russia2009-08-20Aarhus, Denmark
Men 218 mDave Mullins New Zealand2010-09-27Aarhus, Denmark
Static Apnea (STA)
Women 8 min 23 sec.Natalia Molchanova Russia2009-08-21Aarhus, Denmark
Men 11 min 35 sec.Stephane Mifsud France2009-06-08Hyeres, France

Offical AIDA records are also listed on the AIDA Website.

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