CAFA Indoor Western Regional Competition

February 25-26, 2005

Results Credits

CAFA and the competitors would like to thank the following people and companies that provided services for the February 2005 Indoor Western Regionals:

Performance Freediving Provided underwater video

CAFA and the competitors would also like to thank the following individuals who donated their time to make the Western Regionals a big success:

Mandy-Rae CruickshankCalvin Hass  
Kirk KrackTom Lightfoot  
Safety Freedivers
Brent PascallLuc GosselinEric FattahGiovanni Cirillo
Ananda Escudero   
Official Video
Ananda EscuderoKirk KrackTom LightfootDean Valente
Emergency Medical Technician
Jill Yoneda   

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