CAFA Eastern Regional Competition

June 18-20, 2004

Results Photos Credits


The photos below were taken by David Nesbitt.


Main briefing at the dive store
Pool Briefing
Static briefing on the pool deck
Matt Charlton
Matt Charlton preparing for his 6:01 static
Aaron Wood
Aaron Wood trying to slow his heart down
Pool in "action"
Competitors getting prepared in the pool

More pictures by David Nesbitt

Constant Ballast

David Rousseau took a number of pictures from the Constant Ballast event. You can see his pictures here.


Perry Gladstone & Kirk Krack
Kirk talks to Perry the morning after the 'Flamingo Kid Incident'
Larissa Reise
Larissa Reise after the turn
David & Roberto
David Maifrini gets ready to go while Roberto Cerdena dons his fins
David Maifrini
David Maifrini approaches the 100m mark
Roberto Cerdena
Roberto Cerdena gets into diving mode

More pictures by David Nesbitt

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