CAFA Western Regional Competition

May 7-8, 2004

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Photos from the Competition


Ananda Escudero after her Static performance
Photo by Calvin Hass

Calvin Hass
Photo by Sharon
Constant Ballast

Peter Satitpunwaycha bringing down the ballast for the lines
Photo by Greg Fee

Mandy and Kirk setting up the video for the bottom plate
Photo by Calvin Hass

Assembling the counterballast system in the water
Photo by Greg Fee

Glen Garrett about to set a new USAA record in Dynamic without Fins
Photo by Calvin Hass

Tyler Zetterstrom confers with his father
Photo by Calvin Hass

Peter Scott finishing his 100m turn
Photo by Jade Leutenegger

Peter Scott celebrates his new national record at 131m
Photo by Jade Leutenegger

The top three women, Mandy-Rae Cruickshank, Ananda Escudero and Jade Leutenegger
Photo by Greg Fee

This competition boasted a record number of women competitors
Photo by Peter Satitpunwaycha

Competitors and support staff
Photo from Peter Satitpunwaycha

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