CAFA Western Regional Competition




CAFA and the competitors would like to thank the following companies that provided services for the May 2005 Western Regionals:

Performance Freediving Provided floats, lines, pipe and video for the constant ballast competition
Sea Dragon Provided boat support for safety scuba divers and equipment


CAFA and the competitors would also like to thank the following individuals who donated their time to make the Western Regionals a big success:

Mandy-Rae Cruickshank Mario Gomes Ananda Escudero
Kirk Krack Mandy-Rae Cruickshank
Safety Scuba Divers
David Fass Connie Fass Al Morgan
Safety Freedivers
Adam Lein Peter Pazdera Greg Hamilton Chris Kearney
Brent Pascall Luc Gosselin Andrew Brownsword Dean Valente
Roberta Cenedense Matt Townsend
Andrew McGlinchey Bryony Williams Chris Kearney Anna Belkine
Official Video
Kirk Krack Kelly Dunlap Anna Belkine
Emergency Medical Technician
Mike Sandler Michael Trapp