CAFA National Championships

May 24-26, 2002

Results Photos Credits

CAFA and the competitors would like to thank the following companies that provided services for the 2002 National Championships:

Provided stand-by emergency medical staff

Orca Medical
Provided use of defibrillator kit
Provided the use of the Cross Current Diver

Pacific Coast
Ocean Adventures

Provided the use of the Emerald Tide and its dive boat
Provided the official depth gauges
Provided diving services
Provided floats, lines and pipe for constant ballast competition
Provided classroom space

CAFA and the competitors would also like to thank the following individuals who donated their time to make the National Championships a big success:

Kirk KrackKen McCallum  
Kirk KrackKen McCallumHelen LightfootMarnie Laing
Marcello de MatteisFred BuyleDoug Peterson 
Safety Scuba Supervisors
Hamish TweedAleina Spigelman  
Safety Scuba Divers
Derek SatherDoug HarwoodFred CuznerDave Nayda
Miro BobovskyKarla GreenChris DrakeRick Hunter
Lynn StarkAnna Glotsman  
Safety Freedivers
Peter ScottStephanie OrtleppMike JonesMartin Stepanek
Janet SuterAurora AssoJohn NunesAnna Glotsman
Glenda StaufferDiana ManuelAnna Buhrkall 
Information Services
John Nunes   
Mandy Cruickshank   

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