CAFA National Championships




CAFA and the competitors would like to thank the following companies that provided services for the 2003 National Championships:

Emerald Tide Logo
Emerald Tide
Provided the use of the Depth Charge
Provided diving services
Provided floats, lines and pipe for constant ballast competition
Provided classroom space

CAFA and the competitors would also like to thank the following individuals who donated their time to make the National Championships a big success:

Kirk Krack
Doug Peterson Kirk Krack Ken McCallum Helen Lightfoot
Tony Marccucino Perry Gladstone
Safety Scuba Divers
Hamish Tweed Aleina Tweed Doug Harwood Rick Hunter
Joe Rutherford Robert Hiembecker Darryl Leniuk
Safety Freedivers
Eric Fattah Larent de Camprieu Ray Andrews Chris Kearny
Erik Seedhouse James Dahl Tom Lightfoot
Glenda Stauffer Corrina Wolf
Mike Lydiatt
Special Guest
Robert Croft USN ret.


Corporate Members:
Oceaner Wetsuits & Drysuits
Langley Diving