CAFA Western Regional Competition

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CAFA and the competitors would like to thank the following companies that provided services for the September 2002 Western Regionals:

Provided the official depth gauges
Provided diving services
Provided floats, lines and pipe for constant ballast competition
Provided classroom space

CAFA and the competitors would also like to thank the following individuals who donated their time to make the National Championships a big success:

Ken McCallum
Kirk Krack Ken McCallum Helen Lightfoot
Safety Scuba Divers
Hamish Tweed Fred Cuzner Chris Checkwitch Chris Drake
Joe Ruthaford Lynn Stark Dave Nadya Manfred Lippe
Safety Freedivers
Brent Pascall Stephanie Ortlepp Al Morgan Judy Abrams
Petr Herman Greg Hamilton Alithea Smith
Glenda Stauffer Lori Kimdiak
Shore Support
Jim McFarlane


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