Introduction to Freediving

January 25, 2006 in Langley, BC

Freediving is the sport of breath-hold diving, or advanced snorkeling. For hundreds of years people have used freediving techniques as a method of providing themselves with sustenance from the ocean. In recent years the sport of freediving has developed as men and women challenge their abilities in time, depth and distance. Team Canada is one of the Worlds best teams in performance freediving. This proficiency has lead to an emergent community of experts in Canada who are enthusiastic about the advancement of the sport.

The introduction to freediving is for anyone who wants to know what freediving is and to try out the basic breath hold and safety techniques.

When:January 25th, 2006
Where: Langley Diving
900-6339-200th Street
Langley, BC
What: Intro to Freediving. Includes a one hour class session and one hour pool session.

For resource information on freediving, please check out or

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Updated 06 January 2006
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