Recreational Freediving

Divers at Ansell Place

Recreational freediving runs the spectrum from snorkelling in shallow water to making deep dives to see things beyond the range of recreational scuba diving. The motivations and activities for recreational freediving are much the same as for recreational scuba. The disadvantages are of course that your time on the bottom is limited. There are several advantages, however, to exploring the underwater world without tanks:

Along with the exploration of the underwater world comes the inner exploration of sensations and personal limits. Many people enjoy freediving for the feeling of sinking into the depths and floating back to the surface. Others enjoy the sensation of their heart slowing down as the diving reflex takes hold.

In this section you will learn more about the freediving for the pure joy of it and some of our favorite spots for freediving in Canada. Also be sure to check out some of our environmental projects.

Please remember, as in any sport, freediving does have risks. Never practice freediving alone and obtain proper instruction. Whether you are out in the ocean diving or just practicing breath holds in a pool or at home in your bath tub, always have a buddy there for safety.

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Updated 12 June 2005