February 2001 Lingcod Egg Mass Survey

Lingcod with egg mass The Lingcod Egg Mass Survey (LEMS) is an annual event organized by the Vancouver Aquarium. This is not a single event but a period of a few weeks in which divers are asked to search for and record any lingcod and their egg masses that they may find. The ultimate aim is to use a measure of the ease of finding egg masses as a gauge to indicate the health of the lingcod population on a yearly basis.

This year six freedivers made surveys on two separate days. We hope that freedivers in BC will make many more surveys in following years.

For more information on the Lingcod Egg Mass Survey, have a look at the latest on the Vancouver Aquarium’s web site. For a freediver’s personal perspective, have a look at Tom Lightfoot’s freediving site.