Recreational Training

Date:  January 2002

Location:  SFU (Simon Fraser University) Vancouver, British Columbia

Details:  Performance Freediving and the Canadian Association of Freediving and Apnea (CAFA) bring to Simon Fraser University a Basic Freediving course. This multi-faceted clinic is targeted at enthusiastic men and women who want to learn more or better their abilities and knowledge in basic freediving or advanced snorkeling techniques.

Overview:  Basic Freediving is a two evening and two afternoon clinic that teaches participants in advanced snorkeling techniques to achieve depths in the range of 10-20 meters with the emphasis on safety and comfort.

Upon completion of the Basic Freediving clinic, interested participants can apply for selection to continue through with a 10-week experimental Freediving Coaching Program designed to enhance the participants physiological, psychological capabilities along with the techniques required as a competitor in freediving competitions.

During this coaching program the Kinesiology Department of SFU has been invited to help measure and collect data involving the physiological changes and adaptations. Volunteers will be selected on the basis that they may compete in a CAFA National Competition towards helping form Team Canada for future international competitions.

The Basic Freediver program consists of classroom sessions, confined water and open water components.

Classroom Sessions cover the following:

  • Safety and Problem Management
  • Equipment for Freediving
  • Equalization for Freediving
  • Breathing and Relaxation for Freediving
  • Physical World of Freediving
  • Surface Swimming Techniques
  • Breathing and Surface Diving Techniques
  • Underwater Swimming
  • Emergency and Problem Management

Prerequisites:  Candidates should enter the clinic with basic to advanced swimming skills, but most importantly water comfort. Candidate should be able to complete the following:

  • 400 meter swim
  • Ten minute survival swim
  • Good medical health

Clinic Price: TBA This includes the following:

  • Personalized instruction with world record freediver trainer
  • Basic Freediving student workbook
  • Personalized training program
  • Pool sessions with video debriefings
  • Classroom and practical sessions
  • Open water training sessions with video debriefings
  • Hands on use of specialty freediving equipment


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