CAFA Freediving Survey

Dear Bob,

I am writing to you as a former participant in a Canadian freediving course or clinic. As the Vice-President of CAFA and its webmaster, I have been given the duty of conducting a survey of people who have taken freediving courses. We know that many participants have become avid freedivers. We also know that many participants have moved on to other things. We are hoping that this survey will help us to find out what it takes to get new people into the sport and keep them coming for more.

Please take a few minutes to complete the attached survey. Your input is valuable to the survey whether you still freedive or not. If the attached survey does not work then the same form can be found at the Freedive Canada web site at

Privacy Note:

The information collected is to be used for statistical purposes only. Personal information such as your name, phone number or email address will not be collected. The only extra information that will be collected that is not on the form is the IP address of your computer (or proxy) and the time/date that you send the results. This information is used only to filter out duplicate submissions.

Thank you for your time and input.

Tom Lightfoot
Canadian Association of Freediving & Apnea

Demographic Information

Sex Male
Home Province

Freediving Education

How did you discover freediving?
How did you learn to freedive?  
If you took a course, what is the highest level freediving course or clinic that you have taken?
How many years has it been since your first freediving course/clinic?

Level of Participation

How often do you freedive now?
Do you own your own equipment? Yes
What other sports do you participate in?
(Check all that apply)
Underwater Hockey
Team sports
Mountain/rock climbing
Other (please specify)

For Participants

What environments do you freedive in?
(Check all that apply)
Cold ocean
Warm ocean
What types of freediving do you do?
(Check all that apply)

For Non-Participants

How many times did you freedive before quitting?
Are you hoping to get back into freediving? Yes
What is the top reason for not diving?
What is the second reason for not diving?

Updated 30 December 2002