Crew Schedule for Constant Ballast Training

August 5

Thur, Aug 5th Volunteers Shifts: 6:30 AM – 9:30 AM 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM
6:30 am to set up barge, official competitor training starts at 8:00 am, ends at 11:00 am, barge take down until 12:30 pm.    
SAFETY PERSONNEL Assignment Name Name
Warm-up Line Freedivers    
  Line A1 Peter Pazdera-car Peter Pazdera
Briefing by Tom Lightfoot / Peter Scott Line A2 Darryl Caves Darryl Caves
Surface and underwater supervision Line A3 Laurent de Camprieu-Car Laurent de Camprieu
Emergency intervention Line A4 Julien Nathan Julien Nathan
Barge set-up Line A5 Chris Kearney-Van Chris Kearney
Line B1 Tyler Zetterstrom-Car? Tyler Zetterstrom
Line B2 Eric Fattah-Car Eric Fattah
Line B3 James Dahl-car (9PM ARRIVAL) James Dahl
Line B4 Adam Lein Adam Lein
Line B5 Yehia Safwat Yehia Safwat
Relief freedivers Tom Lightfoot, Greg Hamilton, Perry Gladstone, Kirk Krack, Peter Scott
Warm-up Line Tenders
  Warm-up Line Tenders A1-2 Alain Roux Anne Laure Bottier
Briefing by Tom / Peter Warm-up Line Tenders A3-4 Mike Cosmacini (EMT) Mike Cosmacini
Depth adjustment for competitors Warm-up Line Tenders A5 Andrew McGlinchy Andrew McGlinchy
Emergency intervention Warm-up Line Tenders B1-2
Surface supervision Warm-up Line Tenders B3-4 Calvin Krack Barbara Krack
Barge set-up and support Warm-up Line Tenders B5 Kelly Dunlap Kelly Dunlap
Barge Coordinator Greg Hamilton Greg Hamilton
Warm-up Line Scubadivers  
Briefing by Bill Coltart Lines A
Emergency intervention Lines A
Lines B
Lines B
Barge Support
Briefing by Greg Hamilton Barge Systems Greg Hamilton Greg Hamilton
Checking everyone on/off barge Barge Checker Laurie Kindiak Laurie Kindiak
Boat docking supervision Photos / Support Bruce Entus
Barge set-up and support
Medical Support
Briefing by Bill Coltart EMT Jill Yoneda Jill Yoneda
Emergency intervention EMT Glen Polson Glen Polson
Scuba Coordinator / EMT Bill Coltart Bill Coltart
Competition Doctor John Fitz-Clarke John Fitz-Clarke
Evac Boat
Shore Support
Briefing by TBA Boat Launch / Shore Support Barbara Krack Calvin Krack
Supervise boat docking Boat Launch Checker / Shore Support Anne Laure Bottier Alain Roux
Check people in/out Media Liason Perry Gladstone Perry Gladstone
Public / media / competitor information
Set-up tents, showers, signs, etc
Transportation Logistics    
Briefing by Peter Scott Tender 1–Athlete checker Perry Gladstone / Goh Iramoto
Check athletes on/off bus Tender 2–Athlete checker Anne Laure Bottier Anne Laure Bottier