Join our Team! An Exciting Volunteer Opportunity!

The Canadian Association of Freediving and Apnea (CAFA) is hosting the 4th AIDA Freediving World Championships in Vancouver, BC, August 4-12, 2004. A group of dedicated freedivers and volunteers from many backgrounds is already hard at work to stage the best freediving competition ever.

Freedivers are athletes who challenge themselves by diving underwater with only the air in their lungs. The sport is popular in Europe and now growing fast in the rest of the world. Vancouver is the epicenter of freediving in Canada, home to two world record holders, Eric Fattah and Mandy-Rae Cruickshank, and several national record holders. At the 2001 World Championships in Spain, Team Canada put in a strong showing, with the women taking first and our men taking fifth in a field of more than thirty national teams from around the world. This year Team Canada will have "home water" advantage and will attempt to go deep for the win.

We need your help! This is a great opportunity for you to display your special skills and talents and to learn more about the exciting world of competitive freediving. Meet people from all over the world. Show off your country and city. Help welcome competitors, media and spectators with your own version of Canadian hospitality. Watch the action in the ocean and in the pool. And you don't need to hold your breath to be a volunteer!

As a volunteer, you'll have the thrill of helping to stage an extreme sport competition and benefit from the following volunteer benefits and opportunities:

You can apply for the following volunteer positions:

Comm (4-6 positions)

Exceptional communicators are needed before and during the Worlds for communications with athletes, judges, organizers, volunteers, and media via email, fax and phone; writing media releases; documentation; and local fundraising.

Tech (20-24 positions)

Technically minded volunteers are needed for the following: underwater video, surface video, still photographs (digital and film), audio/visual, computers, and scuba diver support.

Roadie (8-10 positions)

Roadies will help coordinate logistics at the various competition venues, including set-up of opening/closing ceremonies, constant ballast training/competition, bus transportation, and press conferences.

Welcome Leader (10-12 positions)

You are the face of the World Championships. Welcome Leaders make everything run smoothly and attend to the following with a warm smile: athlete care, registration, orientation; community education and outreach.

Safety (80)

Freedivers need a safe environment in which to test their limits. The following safety personnel are needed: safety freedivers, safety scuba divers, surface safety/timers, equipment checkers, and area safety supervisors.

The Next Step

  1. Fill out the volunteer application form
  2. A volunteer coordinator will contact you with more information about your position.
  3. Attend the Volunteer Orientation meetings (Dates TBA)

We look forward to meeting you!

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