Darryl Leniuk

August 7th, Constant Ballast Day 1

Darryl Leniuk took the following photographs on August 7th, the first day of Constant Ballast competition. He can be reached at [email protected].

German Athlete

UK divers Dave King and Anne-Marie Kitchen-Wheeler

Katja Kedenburg of Germany

Annabel Briseno of USA

Suzy Kensington with the New Zealand record

Luc Gosselin & Brent Pascall of Canada

Katja Kedenburg

Katja Kedenburg

Jessica Apedaile of Canada

Jessica Apedaile

Jessica Apedaile

Nikka Morinaga of Japan

Jessica Apedaile

Hoi Leung

The Sea Dragon

Judges Sébastien Nagel, Tanya Streeter and Helen Lightfoot

Oswaldo Cruz of Mexico

Tracy Russell of New Zealand

Tracy Russell

Tracy Russell
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