Boat Charters

We strongly encourage all teams to come early. Get rid of that jet lag, have a look around, and most importantly, get accustomed to the local dive conditions. If you want to do your early training in style, then check out the local dive charter operations.

Some of these charter operations already have experience with the idiosyncrasies of competitive freedivers, having helped us out in either competitions or record events.

The organizing committee has contacted the following charter operations and lined up some special rates for freedivers during the training weeks ahead of the competition. Most operators are willing to run 2-3 sessions of 3-4 hours each per day. Their websites provide contact information, and arrangements can be made via email. Please make your own arrangements with each charter operation as early as you are able.

Boat Charters

Sea Dragon Dive Charters

Captain Kevin Breckman and Jan Breckman
Sewell’s Marina, Horseshoe Bay
phone 604.329.3486
fax 604.543.7152
Rate $400 for 4 hours; space for 12

Sea Dragon

See King Charters

Gerry Forster
Granville Island
phone 604.813.4468
Rate $200 per team for 3-4 hours; space for 5

BC Dive Adventures

Sunset Marina
phone 604.541.9191
Rate $400 for 3-4 hours; space for 12

Blue Zone Diving

Ari Azoulay
Horseshoe Bay
phone 604.813.8159
Rates to follow. Space for 7 scuba divers

Boat Rentals

Sewell’s Marina

Horseshoe Bay
phone 604.921.3474
fax 604.921.7027