Welcome to AIDA World’s 2004

Freediving is a fast growing underwater sport where athletes compete to test the human limits of time, depth and distance all on one breath of air. The primary disciplines are:

Constant Ballast The athlete swims to a declared maximum depth and back without the assistance of extra weight. Static Apnea The athlete holds his or her breath for as long as possible while floating face-down in a swimming pool. Dynamic Apnea The athlete swims as far as possible underwater in a swimming pool.

The Canadian Association of Freediving and Apnea hosted AIDA Team World Championships in Vancouver from August 4th to 12th. Teams of three athletes representing 10 countries competed for combined scores in Constant Ballast and Static Apnea to win. There was also an optional competition in Dynamic Apnea on the last day.

The competition is now over and the results are posted on this site. There are also video clips from each day of the competition and a photo gallery.

While this site winds down into post-competition mode, keep an eye on the news page for the latest updates.