September 30, 2003

Campaign Statement and Resume for Perry Gladstone

In my capacity as a CAFA Director over the past year I have made it my purpose to introduce new protocols and proceedures to help prepare our association for the contiunued growth of our sport and the exciting year to come.

In addition I have taken on the responsibilities related to developing the new sponsorship and partner proposals and been effective in establishing key contacts with several of the national media networks, relationships that will pay off in coverage of the upcoming world cup and create increased awareness of freediving.

This coming year promises to be the biggest ever for the sport of freediving in Canada and with it will come the need for experienced management, national perspective and expertise. With my history in developing sports industries, board membership, Ontario residence and experience as a Producer, Consultant and AIDA international judge I feel I can play a critical role in helping CAFA to meet and exceed its goals both for the coming year and the future ahead.


Perry Gladstone

Board and Related Experience

2002-present Director, CAFA
2002-present AIDA International Judge
2001-2002 Member, National Freediving Team
2001-present Media Consultant, CBC Radio One, IGTN
1998-present Film Director and Producer, Freelance
1995-1998 Director, National Snowsport Industries Asociation (NSIA)
1994-1998 Director, Snowsports Industries of America (SIA)
1993-1999 President and CEO, Limited Snowboards Inc.
1988-1992 President, Toronto Skateworks Ltd., (Canada), TSW Ltd., (USA)

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