2003 CAFA Annual General Meeting

September 30, 2003

Campaign Statement and Resume for Peter Scott

Dear CAFA members:

CAFA has an amazing opportunity this year to introduce new people to freediving. I believe that the key to CAFA's long-term success lies in the impact we have on local communities nationwide--and the 2004 World Championships should increase awareness in Vancouver, in Canada, and in freediving circles around the world.

As an organization, CAFA should seize this opportunity to strengthen grassroots ties with community. I would like to see CAFA become more accessible to participation from recreational freedivers, spearfishers, water enthusiasts, non-profit groups, marine environmentalist groups and others interested people across the country. The more variety and depth in CAFA's community involvement, the better its chances for generating financial and volunteer support. As a board member, I would keep these goals in mind while doing my part to assure a successful World Championships and exciting future for freediving in Canada.

My freediving/watersports involvement:

Other qualifications:

Thanks for your consideration.

Peter Scott

Vancouver, BC

"Learn from the Sea"

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Updated 03 October 2003
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