2003 CAFA Annual General Meeting

September 30, 2003

Campaign Statement and Resume for Tom Lightfoot

I have been involved in the administration, instruction and promotion of underwater sports for over thirteen years. I have never been as engaged in those things as I have been in the past two years with freediving and CAFA. I believe that we are now in the ‘glory days’ of Canadian Freediving, the time of growth, innovation and experimentation.

If elected, my objectives in the next year will be to not only make sure that the upcoming World Championships are a success, but also to make sure that what we do forms a foundation that will endure beyond the time of the extraordinary people that currently run CAFA.

Below is a list of my qualifications as a board member:


  • BASc Hon. School of Engineering Science, Simon Fraser University

Positions Held:

  • Vice-President of CAFA from January 2001 to present
  • Secretary of CAFA from August 2001 to present
  • Webmaster of CAFA from August 2001 to present

Past Positions:

  • Treasurer of Canadian Underwater Games Association from 1992 to 1993
  • President of Underwater Hockey Association of BC from 1990 to 1992
  • Editor of UHABC Newsletter from 1992 to 1997
  • Membership Coordinator of UHABC from 1991 to 1997

Other Acheivements:

  • Assistant instructor for numerous freediving clinics in BC, including the 2001, 2002 and 2003 SFU programs.
  • Member of 2001 and 2002 Canadian Men’s Freediving Teams
  • Alternate for 2000 Canadian Men’s Freediving Team
  • Member of 1992 Canadian Men’s Underwater Hockey Team
  • Instructed ~15 underwater hockey clinics for children and adults from 1991 to 1997

Please vote ‘Lightfoot’ this week.

Tom Lightfoot
CAFA Vice President, Secretary and Webmaster

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