January 10, 2002


Kirk Krack, Mandy Cruickshank, Ken McCallum, Tom Lightfoot

Call to Order

This meeting was held at CAFA Headquarters, 106 – 3533 West 4th Avenue in Vancouver. The meeting was called to order at 6:43 pm.

Meeting Minutes

Kirk reviewed the minutes from the December executive meeting.

Founding Members

At the inception of CAFA, Kirk asked and got 20 people to take out founding memberships. The $100 membership fee provided seed money for the organization. In return, these people would be granted lifetime membership once the association could afford it. So far, founding members are still asked to pay yearly membership fees.

Kirk raised his concern that a number of founding members were letting their memberships lapse this year. Many of these had contributed a great deal to CAFA in its first year and were not causing any drain to the organization. However, by current policy they would have their membership status removed.

After some discussion the board resolved unanimously that founding members would still be asked for membership dues but if they did not pay they would remain on the membership list, remain on the freedivecanada email list and would have voting rights at the AGM.

Membership fees would still be mandatory for founding members wanting a higher level of involvement:

  • Competitive status
  • Executive position
  • Participation on committees

Bumper Stickers

Mandy proposed that CAFA have some bumper stickers made up to be used for promotion and to give out to new members. She had promotional material from Club Card which is a local company. Mandy will look into specific pricing for a two-colour model.

Mandy has since received a quote for 1000 stickers. They would be a 3 inch circle with two colours on a white background. Cost would come to 20 cents each. No decision has been made yet as to if or when bumper stickers will be purchased.


Mandy offered to sell some of CAFA’s stock of t-shirts at Rowand’s Reef. CAFA sells the shirts directly at $25 each. Rowand’s Reef would sell the shirts at $30 each with $25 going to CAFA. All agreed.

CAFA still has a stock of 25 t-shirts and 3 Nice videos.

Rules Documents

The five rules documents discussed last month have been completed and are posted on the freedivecanada web site.


Kirk reported that he had sent CAFA’s application for insurance to Johnston Meier Insurance on January 8. He will follow up on the application soon to make sure everything is in order.

If CAFA’s insurance application is declined for whatever reason, Kirk will ask what that reason is and CAFA will make whatever changes are necessary in order to be covered by insurance.

Vice President

Kirk reminded the board that CAFA is still without a Vice President. Kirk indicated that by rights the first option should go to Mandy because of her seniority on the board. However, there was some concern that since Kirk and Mandy often travel at the same time, both the President and Vice President could be out of touch if an important legal matter came up. Tom volunteered to take the position of Vice President.

Competition Rules

There is a Competition Rules and Judging document on the web page that needs some re-work. Competition rules and judging are now covered by the new rules documents that were just created. This older document still has relevant information not covered by the new documents, including competition heirarchy and Team Canada selection.

Tom will re-title and rework the older rules document and move it into the admin area with the other rules and protocols.

Mission Statement

Kirk indicated that CAFA did not yet have an official mission statement and should really have one. Mandy indicated that CAFA had a good basis for a mission statement on the web site’s welcome page.

CAFA’s new mission statement:

The Canadian Association of Freediving and Apnea aims to further the development, safety and promotion of the sport of freediving both recreationally and competitively within Canada and abroad.


Kirk presented a education standard that he had been developing on behalf of Performance Freediving. Though in point form, the standard was comprehensive and the other board members were impressed. Kirk asked if CAFA would want to use the educational program that he presented.

The education proposal remains under discussion.

Competition Organization Manual

Ken had some questions as to where he could find source material for the manual for organizing competitions, forms in particular. Mandy and Kirk were able to find the following forms from previous competitions:

  • Registration
  • Results
  • Time schedule

There were no previous examples of protest forms so Ken will create a protest form from scratch.

Web Site

The executive approved the following changes to the web site:

  • Remove the Individual & Team page from the competition section.
  • National Rankings needs some explanation.
  • Remove BC Dive Adventures from the Education/Facilities page.
  • Register email addresses for the executive members under the freedivecanada.com domain name.
  • Add a photo section from last year’s SFU program.
  • Make more photos available in general, perhapse as a collage on the welcome page.
  • Add an Environmental page accessible under the Recreation section.


The meeting was adjourned at 11pm.