Ted’s Road – Nanoose Bay, British Columbia

Access: Shore dive.

Location: Nanoose Bay is a deep bay, extending in from the Strait of Georgia some 15kms. The Ted’s Road site is located quite deep in the bay. To access this site turn right off of the Island Highway at the North West Bay Road, a Petro-Can marks the turn. Continue on a couple of kilometers until you cross the trains tracks, then turn Right on Powder Point Rd, carry on past Rowland Rd. to Parker Rd. and turn right. Once you have turned right on Parker, stay on the most used road, it changes from Parker Rd. to Parker Way, and then becomes Ted’s Rd. Ted’s Rd. ends just above the water where there is a short trail to the water. The general area is home to an oyster farm, so stay away from the active farming areas, and walk around the oysters.

The Nanoose Bay area can be confusing so please refer to the local map.

What you’ll find: This location is very good for entry level divers, the drop off is gradual and the current is minimal. The bottom is mixed rock and sand. A variety of marine life is to be found there and the area is generally calm in either NW or SE conditions. There is a wall that extends east on the north side of the dive site. The wall is ok for finding some deep water, 20-30 meters, but you will need to swim a ways to find it, past the blue shed that houses the dry-land part of the fish farm. The most prominent sea life are flounders which are very common in the bay in general.

An alternative site is accessible from Rowland Road. It is deeper into the bay and quite shallow. However, it is quite interesting in the fall when the salmon are running. There are lots of flounder here as well.

Submitted by Doug Morgan.