Cottam Point – Nanoose Bay, British Columbia

Access: Shore dive.

Location: To access Cottam Point, turn onto North West bay Rd from the Island Highway and stay on it until you reach Claudet Rd. and turn right. Claudet Rd. soon branches to the left and right. You can take either branch since it forms a loop around the point. Either way, drive as far as you can until you find a little dead end road, and take it. The little road goes right to the pont where you can park. There is enough parking for three or four cars.

The Nanoose Bay area can be confusing so please refer to the local map.

What you’ll find: Cottam Point is quite popular with scuba divers, so you might see some of them around. The dive site is quite varied and usually quite good, but it is prone to plankton blooms in the summer, making it pretty dark at 20 meters. Fish are usually plentiful. This is the best known dive site in the area, so you may not be alone.

Hazards: Be very careful of the tide here. Plan to dive high slack or low slack, the tide has swept divers out toward Mistaken Island before, don’t become a statistic.

You might want to be careful when you change as there are lots of locals who live there.

Submitted by Doug Morgan.