Dolphin Bay (Blueback Community Park)

Nanoose Bay, British Columbia

Access: Shore dive.

Location: This dive site is known by a number of names, including Dolphin Bay, Tyee Bay and Blueback Community Park. The locals probably know it better as Blueback Park.

To access Blueback Community park, turn right off of the Island Highway at North West Bay Road, (at the Petro-Can) and go past Powder Point Rd. to Stewart Rd. and turn right, actually North West Bay Rd. swings left, so just stay right and you will be on Stewart. Follow Stewart as it turns into Dolphin Drive and continue on until you come to Blueback Drive, turn left, and continue on until you see a small turn off to the left, which is Tyee Cres. There are a group of mail boxes and a place to park. A short trail takes you down to the water.

The Nanoose Bay area can be confusing so please refer to the local map.

What you'll find: Dolphin is a lovely bay to dive, there is a float in about 20 meters of water making it a good practice area. The sea life is varied and includes octopus, seals, eels, and mixed rock fish. You may well find scuba divers as well.

Hazards: On Sundays in the winter look out for the sail boat racers, they turn at the float, most of the boats are 20-40 footers and usually doing a good clip. The buoy is only used on one leg, so once they are gone, it's safe.

Submitted by Doug Morgan.

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Updated 08 February 2002
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