Tobermory, Ontario

Access: Shore and boat dive locations

Location: Tobermory is located at the very tip of the Bruce Peninsula where Georgian Bay and Lake Huron meet. Several of the wrecks are located close to shore in Little Tub Harbor (right down town) in an area off limits to boat traffic. These wrecks are the most popular dive location in Tobermory. The harbor has limited parking close to the Little Tubs shore entry area. The Manitoulin ferry dock is right across the harbor from the shore entry area to the wrecks.

If you want to charter a boat there are numerous other wrecks and areas of interest.

What you’ll find: Simply incredible. The best diving (with or with out tanks) that I’ve found in Ontario. The area is popular with Toronto scuba divers, especially on weekends in the summer months, for the unusually clear and always cold water and numerous easily accessible wrecks.

My favorite location is at Big Tub Lighthouse located about 5 km from downtown. It is a rocky shelf that drops to a flat bottom at about 50-55 feet. This point is also popular with scuba divers, though few classes show up here due to the lack of a sheltering harbor. The wind and waves can be a bit intimidating.

On one dive my friend and I saw a pack of large, absolutely prehistoric fish sizing us up. The area has numerous over hangs, rock outcroppings, boulders and other neat things to thread through and around as well as less threatening fish.

Amenities: As Tobermory is located rather far away from any large city the area has many reasonably priced hotels and camp sites as well as two dive shops.

The local medical center has a hyperbaric chamber.

The Registry building also has a vast supply of tourist pamphlets and information on diving in the area; well worth the visit.

Retistration: Scuba Divers (not “snorklers”) are required to register to receive a seasonal tag at the Diver Registration Centre. I register and consider the fee a donation ($8 in 2001). If you do scuba, the tag must be visible on your equipment as the area is patrolled. Also, Dive flags are required to be used.


a. Free Diver trying to hide from the camera in a shallow cave below the Big Tub Lighthouse. b. Equalise...check, Brakes...check, Huston we are good for landing. Big Tub Lighthouse
a. Big Tub b. Must…get..rock…
c. Big Tub Lighthouse, Georgian Bay on the right, Lake Huron on the left. d. Dive buddy sneak attack, at your six from straight below. Big Tub Lighthouse.
c. Heroic pose d. The Buddy System

Submitted by David Nesbitt.