Morrison's Quarry - Wakefield, Québec

Access: Shore dive.

Location: Located just north of Ottawa and 4 km south of Wakefield, Quebec. The quarry is better known as the jump point for Great Canadian Bungee. (Visit their web site for directions).

What you'll find: The quarry is open during the summer months, generally from June to September. You park and pay at the bottom of the hill where the Morrison's have a small cabin. Present a valid Scuba certification card, sign in and pay $5 then get into the murky green water. Some times the owner's are hard to locate, in which case you should pay on your way out. No fish, but some tame ducks occasionally visit.

The quarry is very popular with the local Scuba divers on Wednesdays and weekends. On weekends they tend to disappear in the afternoons.

Visibility ranges from 2-15m. The quarry has a depth greater than 30m (confirmed to 123 feet) and probably reaches a depth of about 40m. The shallow end is 20-25 feet deep. Like most quarries it has a road spiralling down to the deepest part (with a nice drop off in the shallow end). Along the submerged road are numerous attractions, a sunken twin engine plane, a tug boat, small car, picnic table and some jagged pipes sticking straight up at about 20m along the back side wall. All the attractions are marked with buoys. The water is spring feed and cool all the time necessitating a wetsuit if you want to stay in the water for a while.

I found it to be a great training area. There is no supervision/life guard.

a. $%*@! Dropped the Camera! Morrison's Quarry dock. The Bungee Jump is the big twig in the background. b. Just returned from 123 feet. Morrison's Quarry.
a. Ooops b. Hey! It's 123 feet deep right here
c. 25' btw twin engine plane, slightly used. Morrison's Quarry. d. Prepairing to return to the deep. Morrison's Quarry
c. On a plane to nowhere d. Breathe up

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Submitted by David Nesbitt.

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Updated 17 June 2004
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